Abaya Size Guide

Abayas are more related to height & made to be of loose fitting.

For Eg, a size 52 means the abaya is 52 inches in length. In general and as a rule of thumb, our abayas are suitable for all sisters up to size 14 UK size.

The belt provided with the abaya is what gives the abaya a more fitted look if this is what is desired.

Here is a guideline for which size you would be according to your height:

Size Chart

Please note, if you would like to wear heels with the abaya, please order one size higher to what has been recommended for your height.

The following tables are the measurements (approx.) used when making the abayas. The difference between Regular and Slim Fit is approximately 2/3 inches in width as shown below: 

Regular Fit


If you would like a more fitted abaya which is made to measure, then please contact us at info@arabyboutique.com and we can process that for you. We can also accommodate for Plus size sisters who require a bigger sized abaya than our standard sizes available online.